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FOUNDER: Matt Hayden-Baker

Meet Matt Professional DJ Matt Hayden-Baker has been exceeding client expectations for over 30 years. Founder of Bespoke DJ’s, his personal approach to getting to know clients is what helps make a difference. This combined with a love of mixing a wide range of musical genres gave him the inspiration to create Bespoke DJ’s.
Matt’s vast experience, attention to detail , client focus, musical knowledge and passion make him a true asset to any event. Matt is likely to be your initial point of contact. Feel free to call him to discuss your requirements or get in touch via email. You only get one opportunity to get the music right at your special event. There is no “one size fits all” approach. “After many years of working in the luxury hospitality industry as a licensee , manager , DJ and promoter I have always put the needs of our customers and clients first. I was trained to always to go above and beyond the expectations of everyone I served always putting their needs before my own.
There is nothing more rewarding than making positive , memorable and enjoyable experiences that always deliver and are never forgotten. I have been a DJ for over 36 years and a Professional DJ for over 25 and even now I am still learning that’s because In my view there is so much music , evolving equipment technology as well as different new trends in Music genres and tastes.

I set out to completely reinvent the mobile DJ services industry firstly by challenging this outdated, unreliable, unpredictable and tired method

Our service is Bespoke. Our music is made to measure.

What we do

We provide a tailormade music and sound experience like no other, we pride our self on our vast knowledge of the many different musical genres and access latest sound system technology.

Integrity is our key mission in everything we do. Music matters, when delivered correctly it is the key factor in bringing everyone together thus guaranteeing an event that will be remembered many years after. If you don’t value this element and are not prepared to invest money and time in this area then Bespoke DJ’s London is not for you. 

We only provide professional DJ’s on the latest world leading, cutting edge, ground-breaking professional sound systems and DJ equipment. If you commission a tailor and and are prepared to pay more money you will get a something that has a wow factor ,works, fits perfectly and stands out.

Budget driven motives can result in carelessly booking the wrong DJ and may result in an empty dancefloor , Fact! As well as bored guests or worse-being let down at the last minute.  

Bespoke Professional DJ’s ALWAYS work closely with you to build the perfect play list, meaning there is something for everyone.

Great music = happy guests = a great night for all to remember!


Matt’s vast experience, client focus, musical knowledge and passion make him a true asset to any event.

"Would highly recommend Matt. Matt was our DJ at our wedding. He is very passionate about what he does and it most definitely shows.
Matt took the time before hand to find out what music we love put his own twist on it  and helped us bring the party. We also had a lot of children and he managed to make sure they were all included in it all too. Truly was catered for all our guests. Cannot thank you enough for our night every guest commented on how good you were.100% recommend thank you Matt

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