Funktion-One - Excellence


Creating speaker systems that achieve minimum distortion, maximum efficiency that is controlled, consistent at the highest levels. .

Funktion-One is a world renowned manufacturer of high performance loudspeaker systems. The company was founded in 1992 by Tony Andrews and John Newsham. Prior to that, Tony and John founded and led Turbosound to the pinnacle of concert tour sound.

The 'K' in Funktion-One is a reference to funk music, which comes from Tony's love of the genre, particularly Parliament-Funkadelic.

Based in Dorking, Surrey, Funktion-One has a unique and uncompromising approach to loudspeaker design, making it a pioneering force in the global professional audio industry.

Funktion-One speakers are designed and engineered to avoid the use of corrective EQ, which maximises preservation of headroom and delivers a clear and natural audio presentation. The aim, always, is minimum distortion, and maximum efficiency, resolution and realism. With Funktion-One sound systems, you not only hear the music (in breath-taking high-fidelity) you feel it too.

Funktion-One sound systems are enjoyed around the world, on every continent. From Berghain in Berlin to Lost Beach Club in Ecuador, to Koko in Camden, Night Tales in Hackney, 93ft East in Shoreditch, and countless other bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, festivals and events around the world.

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