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Looking for a British professional Wedding DJ with a club standard Sound and lighting system?

Well look no further, we have been delivering “made to measure” personally tailored wedding DJ packages in Cyprus since 2018

You only have to take a look at Facebook page
https://www.facebook.com/bespokedjscyprus/ to see what we can do for you, as well as reviews from our many satisfied British bride and grooms.

Do you have a family member or friend that you want to play a set at your wedding reception?
No problem we can upgrade your sound system package to accommodate your wish, we even offer full professional sound system hire if you have own DJ in mind to play at your even task us about our range of pioneer CDJ/s, mixers, controllers, original Technic SL 1210 MK2vinyl turntables as well as our 8k sound system with dancefloor lighting, suitable for weddings of up to 150 guests we also cater for larger weddings too

Very important information you should read before you book anything

We want your DJ booking experience to be as stress and hassle free as possible, We understand that it can be daunting handing over one of the most important days of your life to service providers in a foreign country. The most important factor in this process is TRUST.

The past five years of delivering Bespoke DJ packages has been challenging at times. Having to deal with venues and the big tour operators who promise couples freedom of choice in the many different services that they will need in order to deliver your dream wedding.

We have had feed back from so many couples that had paid a very large deposits ,then after  returning  home have discovered that they don’t get the choices or freedom they were promised before they were locked in with them . This has caused them a lot of unnecessary stress and uncertainty and in some cases money. Whilst there can be justification for some of these planners , venues and tour operators motives such as insurance, reliability, quality control, this mostly isn’t the case and is purely base on maximising their profits due to the large hidden commissions they charge or take from their selected  service provider and in some cases as much a75 %. This also results in them only use the cheapest providers. 

Bespoke DJ Cyprus is about quality and not volume

We do not offer a one size fits all service , many of other competitors, venues and operators are working a conveyer belt maximum volume system and are cramming in up to 3 Weddings a day and in some cases up to 300 a year.

Bespoke DJ’s Cyprus has never worked in this way and we have a limited the amount of weddings we do each season, thus enabling us to give enough time and 100% attention to delivering each couples exact needs and requirements.

We don’t do high volume low budget. We only focus on a “Made to Measure” personalised , premiumquality experience.We only work with likeminded planners , venues, operators Please get in touch if you would like to find out more

We are a 5 star ,boutique service provider with a 100 % focus on why you want, we only work with professional DJ’s who are highly experienced and flexible. Even if you’re not a couple from the U.K we have provided our services to many different nationalities because we always build your dream package around the Music first.
With your important  assistance and guidance you to get share what music will work best no matter what langwidge or genre it is, tell us what works and we will successfully build you the perfect playlist thus making sure there is something for everyone 

What makes us different is that we are based in London and Cyprus so you always have a point of contact in both countries, this is likely to also save you a considerable amount of time and money but most importantly give you peace of mind  We only work with trusted, like minded Resorts, venues, operators and service providers.
Transparent costs with no hidden last minute extra charges or changes to agreements made before you pay your deposit. If you have to cancel after you have paid your deposit we will carry it over to the following year * term and conditions apply We provide a tailormade music and sound experience like no other , we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of the many different musical genres and access latest sound system technology.

Integrity is our key mission in everything we do .Music matters, when delivered correctly it ist he key factor in bringing everyone together thus guaranteeing an event that will be remembered many years after. If you don’t value this element and are not prepared to invest money and time in this area then Bespoke DJ’s Cyprus is not for you. 
We only provide professional DJ’s on the latest world leading, cutting edge, ground-breaking professional sound systems and DJ equipment.

If you commission a tailor and are prepared to pay more money you will get something that has a wow factor ,works, fits perfectly and stands out.
Budget driven motive scan result in carelessly booking the wrong DJ and may result in an empty dancefloor , Fact !As well as bored, disappointed guests or worse-being let down at the last minute. Bespoke DJ’s Cyprus  ALWAYS work closely with you to build the perfect play list, meaning there is something for everyone. Great music = happy guests = a great night for all.

Do you have a family member or friend that youwant to play a set at your wedding reception?  No problem we can upgrade your sound system package to accommodate your wish, we even offer full professional sound system hire if you have own professional DJ in mind  play at your event Last year we had 3 wedding bookings that wanted to bring their own DJ, this can be quite a challenging request to make a reality when your 1000’s of miles away in your home country.

We have the ability to make this dream a possible and totally hassle free. We have the professional experience and equipment to accommodate your needs by working closely with you and your DJ making sure they have everything they need. we can also provide our own DJ to play the other music that your DJ may not play but that your guests will still want and expect to hear at a wedding evening reception.

We will deliver , install and set everything up for you ,stay on site for the duration of your event ever ready to assist with technical help, cover any possible breaks your DJ may need. We will be thereto help and guarantee a seamless enjoyable night to remember.  
Ask us about our range of pioneer CDJ/s ,mixers, controllers , original Technic SL 1210 MK2 vinyl turntables  as well as our sound systems and dance floor lighting, suitable for small or larger weddings .

Perfect Weddings Cyprus

Meet Sally she is our recommended Cyprus wedding planner and a true asset to our Cyprus wedding services, Bespoke DJ’s Cyprus have worked closely with perfect weddings Cyprus over the past few years and share a common commitment to providing a seamless hassle free experience leaving you to feel secure in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

"The trust and faith you place in your destination wedding planner is something I will never take for granted. It is why I work tirelessly to deliver your greatest expectations"

To deliver an exclusive, dedicated & enjoyable planning experience, using your unique vision and my expert knowledge to create your Perfect Wedding 
ABOUT Perfect weddings:
I’ve been planning weddings in Cyprus for more than a decade! My professional experience has given me a deep understanding of what it takes to create the perfect wedding, planning and executing celebrations of all types and size, each with individual priorities and needs. While I’m slightly obsessed with plans and spreadsheets, my real passion is providing an exclusive and dedicated experience for my lovely couples. I love meeting people and the joy of seeing the day come together, but I also love the process of organising. Because I know that before the perfect day happens, it’s the perfect plan which will ensure the dream becomes the reality. To deliver this I work with three core values which help take the stress out of planning your big day, leaving you to focus on the excitement and the fun stuff!


I define luxury planning as being tailored to your specific needs. A journey you enjoy, where you are listened to and understood without being labelled into a package. Most importantly, it’s an experience you trust. Combining this with a range of visual planning tools also means you’ll always feel in control.


Choosing to work with the finest venues, I have selected the locations which I am truly proud to offer. Safe in the knowledge that you're choosing from the best-of-the-best, I’ll guide you by type, style, and budget. Meaning you can focus on what is right for you, without feeling overwhelmed.


Recommending a trusted selection of talented and professional suppliers who come together in harmony to deliver the special details for your big day. Passing on their best possible price to ensure you never pay more than you need to.


Wanting to work more closely with each couple and provide a truly dedicated experience I created Perfect Weddings Cyprus.  
It's given me the chance to take everything I have learnt and apply it on a one-to-one basis, giving a personal service with time to focus entirely on you and your special day. I am ready to provide you with the most exclusive planning experience. Creating your perfect wedding in your unique style. 


First things first, it starts with you. And it continues with you, at the heart of everything. I listen to your needs to understand exactly what you are looking for and how I can help you best, tailoring my skills to suit your requirements. You might be a closet wedding planner who already has a list of everything you want to arrange, or you might be someone with just the same outcome in mind, but no idea where to start. No matter where you are on this scale, I'll guide and advise you to create your perfect day. I'll take the pressure out of all the organisation, handling the logistics and liaising with everyone involved while you sit back and enjoy watching all your plans and ideas come together.   

Visit Sally's Website


Matt’s vast experience, client focus, musical knowledge and passion make him a true asset to any event.

“I was booked to perform in Cyprus, like most international bookings and as a DJ from London you don’t really know what you’re going to get in terms of equipment and support. Matt was hired by the bride and groom to not only supply top end equipment but as the coordinator. On arrival everything was set ready to go, the sound was brilliant and the set up second to none, Matt communicated well before and supported during, there was literally no issues. I highly recommended Matt and bespoke DJs Cyprus not only for equipment, but he is a top end DJ and very well organised person, it took the stress away from everyone. Look forward to working with you again sometime.”

Tony Richardson MBE

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